Olga Sinenko

I’ve got my craving for photography at the age of 14-15. I had an old analog camera ‘Zenit’ back then (I still have it!), and the love for black and white films. That’s how it all started. But my skills didn’t really evolve until I bought a digital camera, it was before a vacation to Goa in the year of 2009. Trying to experiment with the settings, I’ve learnt how all of the camera modes work, but still had a lack of skills, so I signed into photography school across the street. It was in the middle of winter in Russia, so all the studies were in a studio. After 4 lessons, I quit my job as a sales manager, and started working as an assistant in that studio, and after – in a photo school. Those years gave me all the skills and knowledge in a photography field. I had the best teachers ever. And I still try to educate myself whenever I can.

Olga Sinenko

In December 2012 I decided to leave Russia for a long time journey. I always wanted to travel. Unexplored countries attracted me with their lifestyles, so different from what I used to have in my country. Half a year later, after visiting Vietnam and Cambodia, I ended up in Bali. I fell in love with the ocean and surfing immediately. It was this island, that inspired me to buy a water housing and swim out to the line-up with camera. At that moment my photography has found a whole new chapter – surfing. I try to capture surfing not as a sport, but as an art – focus on strong emotions, beauty of light, atmosphere… Ocean gives me a chance to express myself.


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