Julia Muniz or the american dream

Julia Muniz is a young brazilian, living her american dream, between modeling and surfing.

Where are you from, Julia?

I’m from ”Espirito Santo”, a small state 5 hours driving from Rio de Janeiro. Espirito Santo is a really nice place. There has good waves, waterfalls, and always will be my home! I’m 19 years old.

I started surfing with my best friend when I was 13. We were used to spend the weekend at her beach house. We always wanted to learn surfing and then we started with a really old surfboard. It was difficult because we learned with a shortboard (6’0), I dont remember the brand! But anyways it was really fun. We had so many good memories together. In the beginning it was hard to learn by myself but every second in the water was magical!! I love surf and it changed my life. I never thought in start championships, surf for me is fun.

Why did you decide to live in California?

It’s better to modeling and also makes easier to travel around the world (my dream), it’s a good place to be based. People here in california are very closed, specially in los angeles. In Orange County (Trestles, Huntington beach etc) I feel more at home, it is similar. The water temperature is different, you always need to wear a wetsuit. Whenever I go surfing I spend a lot of time in transit. After all, when you catch a wave is incredible, the quality of the waves is unbelievable.

What do you prefer, be a model or be a surfer?

Surfing plays a fundamental role in my career and in my life. It adds a lifestyle that has very cool values, when you are surfing every day you want to eat healthy, sleep early, so its really good for my model job. Today I want to focus more in modeling since its my work but I try to go surfing always when I can. Modeling is a job like others. I love to modeling. I dropped off college in Brazil (dentistry) because I always wanted to  travel and surf, with modeling I can do that.

Is life in USA  easy for a brazilian?

Definitely NOT!! Im used to wear flip flops everywhere in Brazil. Salty hair, shorts etc. Here the people care so much about fashion, good look.. this is difficult for me!

What do you prefer, surf competition or free surf?

I always will prefer free surf. Surf for me is not about competition.

Is life easy for a brazilian girl in USA?

Definitely NOT!! Im used to wear flip flops everywhere in Brazil. Salty hair, shorts etc. Here the people care so much about fashion, good look.. this is difficult for me!

Who inspired you?

Bethany Hamilton inspired me very much because she was following her dreams even with the difficults! Rob Machado because I LOVE the way he surfs. Chantalla Furlanetto, because she is a good friend of mine, has a super kind soul and is a soul surfer! Gisele Bundchen because she is the most respected brazilian model.

Your best spot for surf?

Salina Cruz – Mexico. Salina is very dangerous and have a lot of crimes there, but the surf spots are not crowded at all, and the waves are PERFECT!!! Its a perfect place to do a surf trip, not touristy.

Where did you trip?

I have been in mexico, US and Brazil. Now I plan to always be traveling. I want to go to Bali, Australia, France.. All the world!

What are your plans for the future?

As a surfer, I want to be more and more prepared to be able to have more fun on trips and enjoy the best of the waves. Being a professional is my goal as a model. I want to stablish a solid career and fulfill my dream of always be traveling and getting to know new cultures.


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